Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are listed by TravoXpress to ensure safe and happy vacation with us. Guests traveling with us are recommended that you read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling for wonderful experience.


As soon as TravoXpress announces its new exploration, bookings begin since then. At the time of booking, documentation takes place. A declaration form with a photocopy of Aadhar Card/Voter I.D/ Pan Card of the member traveller is necessary along with two photographs. We do encourage bookings made by someone else as a surprise to other. Provided we get the documents of the person travelling with us. Confirmation of the booking is communicated via SMS or Emails. If not received within 2-working days, kindly intimate us. All the rights to change the itinerary before or after a guest books a tour are reserved by TravoXpress. Changes will be communicated to you well in advance. Until a situation arises where the tour is cancelled for legit reason last minute. Booking’s include travel, stay, GST for travel or any other government charges. It is necessary to buy travel insurance, if ignored we are not responsible. Registration amount defers from tour to tour.


Payment of the registration amount indicates that the guest is interested in the tour and has read and accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned in TravoXpres website/booking form. First installment is accepted as the token of booking. Token amount will be 25% of the whole amount along with required documents. Payment of the whole amount must be done 20 days prior to the schedule tour. If traveller approaches us on the 19th day with an outstanding amount, 5% extra will be charged on the pending amount. Charges of commute to the pickup point of the TravoXpress must be bared by the guest. Air fare will be feasible as per the charges of the booking. Payment can be done via NEFT, mobile/online/net banking, Paytym, etc. Cards like debit, credit and visa is accepted too. Additional charges of 5% GST are applicable. For tours where air, cruise booking is required the registration amount will be higher of that compared to others tours.

The tour price are done at the start of the season any increase in Taxes, Fuel charge, YQ/YR Tax, Visa Fees thereafter will have to be borne by Guest. Air Fare (on request). Tour Manager depends upon itinerary or TravoXpress (could be chargeable or free also). Tour Guide will be chargeable (on request). Meal (EP, CP, MAP, AP) depends on tour itinerary. Fare of any mode of transport used by the guest to reach the reporting point and dropping point of the respective tour will be bared by them. Additional fees charged by airlines such as checked and/or excess luggage, seat selections and any other services are not applicable with TravoXpress. Porterage, concierge, laundry, telephone charges, shopping, wines and alcoholic beverages, mineral water, items of personal nature and food or drink which is not part of a set group menu not entertained by TravoXpress.

PS: Tour Manager is not a Tour Guide

*EP- European Plan (no meal included), CP-Continental Plan (only breakfast included), MAP- Modified American Plan (breakfast and dinner included), AP- American Plan (all meals inclusive)

Cancellation Charges

If at all you wish to cancel your journey after booking, you can do so. Provided be informed that the first installment or the booking amount is not refundable. If you book a journey in bulk and wish to revise by reducing the members, charges will be applicable. Cancellations will be accepted only 15 days prior to the journey date. If at all you wish to make changes of the start date and end date. Charges will not be deducted. Once the journey begins no refunds will be given. If for any reason we cancel the trip refunds will be made available after deducting the GST charges.

Bookings for Customized Holidays

Kindly note that the packages are customizable, which means you can make effective changes in itineraries/activities if you so desire. The final payment will be calculated as per the itineraries/activities you choose. That will be outlined in the confirmatory e-mail sent to you. This is will be only post meeting and confirmation. A confirmation message via SMS, call or e-mail will be sent you. Customized booking will be confirmed only after a prior meeting and post the form is filled. You can also get in touch with us for any further details. We are open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, seven days a week for any query. Our thorough itinerary after customization will be sent to you via mail 2-3 days before the journey.


Camps and sightseeing are away from city that means we may face delays with regards to meal time. We make sure your meal is served as per your choices at the time of booking. We do not entertain any further changes for meal once the tour begins. Food will not be delivered to your room. It is a buffet setup. For reasons best known to you, you may wake up late and miss the breakfast or reach late due to your flight delayed, you have no claim to it. Enroute meal depends on hotel/dhaba availability.

Meal (EP, CP, MAP, AP) depends on tour itinerary. * EP- European Plan (no meal included), CP-Continental Plan (only breakfast included), MAP- Modified American Plan (breakfast and dinner included), AP- American Plan (all meals inclusive)

Liabilities and Limitations

It is very important for the guest (s) to take care of his/her health throughout the tour. Health is entirely his risk and responsibility. It shall be the duty of the guest(s) to inform TravoXpress prior in writing in case of any medical condition(s) that may affect his/her ability to enjoy the tour. This is to avoid discomfort last minute. Under such conditions, we may decline to accept or continue such guest(s) in that particular tour. Health issues are primary concerns on tour this may demand for stay back due to ill health. We understand such circumstances but one and only Tour Manager or Guide will not be able to leave the other guest(s) and attend to you. For the same, you shall bear the extra charges of any doctor or assistance.

Each tour may also have its own Terms and Conditions. It is the guest(s) responsibility to read them carefully before registration. Guest(s) can avail earlybird discounts declared by the TravoXpress, which would be valid for a particular period only and are applicable for limited seats or for the particular date as specified. If full payment is not received by the date as stated on offers Terms and Conditions the discount will be removed and the booking will be re-priced. All offers are subject to availability and applies to fresh bookings only and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. For reasons best known to TravoXpress.

Kindly note we are tour advisor we do not take responsibility of delayed delivery of message. Call and confirm with us for any clarifications. Do not relay on people for anything in particular experience. We our available 24/7 for any query.

Festivals, strikes, fairs, sports events, traffic problems, weather conditions, overbooking of hotels/flights, cancellation/rerouting of railway or flight, closure of or restricted entry at a place of sightseeing, etc. can cause a change in itinerary also. Usually, booking of hotels are done prior but at times events like sports or festivals that come up and rooms aren't available. Thus, you may have to stay in alternate hotels or hotels in other cities until we find the desired hotel.

We reserve the rights to change by adding or deleting or exchange of sightseeing for betterment of the tour program. We may detour to reach sightseeing, due to traffic conditions; this may vary the course of itinerary too.

Sightseeing might have closure time of a particular places, theses are not in our control, but we try our level best to cover all the sightseeing listed in the tour program. In case if any sight seeing is closed we may give you a replacement of that place or refund may be given for that particular site/place if applicable only. Sightseeing of adventurous type are totally dependent on weather. Due to unfavourable weather condition sightseeing or visit to place is not possible, refund will be given, if applicable. As per the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the tour broachers.

A situation may arise that you have to reschedule the sightseeing as our fellow travellers are travelling via other mode of transport and are delayed. TravoXpress reserves the right to change the departure date or cancel reasons best known to TravoXpress. TravoXpress will not take any responsibility for your ticket for commute which you may have purchased in advance for Domestic or International Sectors.

You are responsible for being punctual at all times during the tour. In the event any part of the site seeing tour is missed by you due to delay on your part, you will not be entitled to claim refund of the same.

TravoXpress is an environment friendly tour advisory. We request you to abide by the rules if asked in any particular site /places: especially with regards to "no smoking", "no alcohol" and "no eating" policy in the room/coach. Guests are advised not to keep valuables in room/coach/bus seat while site seeing. We shall not be responsible for the loss of valuables. If the coach/ area used by you is accidently or otherwise damaged by the guest he/she will be required to pay the compensation for the same.

You are responsible for your own luggage. All the risk and responsibility of all your luggage and belongings, valuables, documents and personal effects is on you at all times during the tour, whether during travel on the airline or during your stay in hotel or during your travel in bus. Please note that Tour Managers are not responsible for your luggage or any kind of personal belongings and we will not be responsible for any cancellation and we shall pay no compensation or refund to you. We would suggest do not carry extra and valuable luggage with you. There are facilities available too to take care of your belongs if you have a valid reason to carry your valuables everywhere. So help everyone to have tension free holidays. We are tour advisors only to see for your comfort of the journey and adventure. Our tour friends would need our attention too, which cannot be interrupted and ignored for the one’s worrying. We would suggest do not increase are responsibilities such as police complaint or any other hotel complaint(s) etc.

Furthermore, instructions as well as information of the tour are to be followed in the group tours and the tour manager or TravoXpress is not responsible for any instructions overruled by the guest(s)and / or its consequences.

All the Travel documents entitled in your name is solely your responsibility to look after. In a case you lose such documents, you may be compelled to curtail the tour and you may have to incur extra expenses, for which you alone shall be responsible. TravoXpress partners and caters to everyone for every tour. Hence,we would also you to take care of everything that you do and keep it reasonable. Which aren’t in our hands cannot be changed only your suggestions/feedback will be taken. TravoXpress always take precaution to ensure that the tour is comfortable. Also, guest(s) are updated from time to time through different media of communication in case of changes. Though we take maximum care, neither we have control on the mode of transport like airline, trains, seats etc. nor any other third party facilities. Thus, we shall not be responsible for any kind of damage to the person or to the property because of these independent service rendered.

Offer T&C

Terms and Conditions of offers are as per the offers.


Tours are non-transferable to other person nor for next trip. All cancellation charges will be applied on the net tour price and not on the gross tour price of the earlier booked tour. The tour price and discounts available / given for the cancelled tour are not valid for fresh booking. Tour price and discounts prevailing on the date of fresh booking of another tour will be applicable. In case if booking is cancelled and alternate booking is given in the same tour in that case whatever is actual air ticket cancellation charges will be applicable and for new booking new discount will be applicable if any.

Right to of Admission and Termination

TravoXpress reserves the right to terminate the tour of any guest(s) while on road if the Guest does not follow the group tour decorum or misbehaves with co-passengers / Tour Manager/ Local citizens or creates nuisance etc. In such a case guest(s) will have to make arrangements for their return travel on their own and no refund is applicable under such circumstance. In this case no refund or compensation will be provided. TravoXpress reserves the right to say ‘No’ to the booking of any Guest without divulging any reason or justification.

PS: Do not compare us with other tours and travels.